Rationale for efficacy in treating PAD – Intermittent Claudication

Early-stage Intermittent Claudication is treated with a non-aggressive therapy; patients are advised to walk as much as possible. It has been shown that

  • exercise increases capillarity via angiogenesis and that
  • exercise lessens symptoms of intermittent claudication.

This provides a rationale for the use of proangiogenic therapy of V-10 to

  • increase capillarity of ischemic muscle and to
  • provide a significant benefit to patients suffering from intermittent claudication.

V-10 therapy could be used alone or as an adjunct therapy to surgically opening blocked arteries.

Advantages to patients

The injectable and targeted nature of V-10 allow for localized delivery to areas of vasculature most affected by disease. Compared to available therapies, oral medications that are currently FDA approved for the management of Intermittent Claudication, like cilostazole, pentoxifylline and clopidogrel, must be taken daily. Additionally, these medications work systemically, predisposing patients to risks of internal bleeding, and exacerbation of heart failure. These medications only serve to limit acute complications with mild symptomatic relief, and they do not prevent disease progression, as they only act on already diseased vessels. Compared to surgical or endovascular therapies, which require anesthesia and hospital stays, V-10 can be injected in clinic, without the need of an operating room. Additionally, the long-term benefit of these procedures are often limited, requiring subsequent operations. Surgical or endovascular therapies require extended hospital stays. The long-term benefits of these procedures are often limited and require subsequent operations. In comparison, V-10 acts as to locally deliver the active peptide to the afflicted limb thus likely decreasing potential systemic side effects. Additionally, because it can be injected in outpatient facilities compliance of treatment V-10 is likely to be higher and thus increasing its effectiveness.

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